Kiehls concentrate: day and night

Hello beauty lovers, sorry that it has been while I posted something, have been busy with life. To make it up to you, I’m going to share two of my favorite skincare products I LOVE and use everyday!

I already posted a picture of me at a Kiehls counter en telling you how much I love their brand and products. Also at the moment Kiehls is the only brand I use at the moment besides face masks. Let me tell you about their Midnight recovery concentrate and their Daily reviving concentrate, what does Kiehls promise you with these products and what is my opinion and view on these two concentrates.

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Lets start with the Daily reviving concentrate. Both their concentrate’s are an oil texture. This can be a con for people with oily skin but for some one like me who has a dry skin and needs all the hydration it’s amazing! Kiehls says that this concentrate protects your skin against the daily aggressors and makes your skin look younger and brighter. The concentrate gives you an antioxidant protection with a mix of natural oils from, ginger root, sunflower and tamanu oils and is 100% natural. This concentrate corrects the visible appearance of your skin fatigue. My honest opinion about this is that it really does make my skin look brighter and really does correct my skin fatigue appearance. I don’t know about the younger looking part but they always ask for my ID even while I’m turning 27 in two months (not sure it’s really the concentrate doing this 😛 ;)). This product gives my skin a natural and beautiful glow without making it look oily (watch out with the amount you put on your face though). With other skincare products even after one or two hours my skin starts to look dry and tired but not with this one! Another plus for me is that I really do see difference with before I started using this and now after using this for four months. (btw in my opinion this smells like oranges and I love the smell of that another plus for me ;)). I bought this product at the Bijenkorf here in the Netherlands for 42 euro. They also have their own Kiehls webshop where they ship to America, Asia & Pacific and Europe and the Middle East.

Let me tell you about the Midnight recovery concentrate now. This is the first Kiehls product I bought. I’ve had heard so much about this online that I had to try it. Kiehls says that this concentrate regenerate’s, repairs and restores your skin while you are sleeping with the result of a younger looking skin in the morning when you wake up from your beauty sleep. Before I started using these concentrate’s my skin was so dry that it looked like I had wrinkles all over my face. When I started using this concentrate every night it slowly started to look so much better and those ‘wrinkles’ that were caused by the dryness of my skin disappeared. This products is 99.8 % natural. I also got this product at the Bijenkorf for 42 euro.

Would you like to know more about these products? Or more about which Kiehls products I also use and love? Let me know and I’ll work on it ;).