What does Startwithinyou mean?

Hello Beauty lovers,

First of all I wanted to explain why I chose the name Startwithinyou for my beauty blog. Well, the reason is quite simple. I chose the name Startwithinyou because beauty starts from within. No matter how you look on the outside, your inner beauty will always outshine your outer beauty. So, if you want to be beautiful you can start with the way you act, talk and think. Working on your inner beauty is not easy, it is something that you’ll be occupied with every second of your life.

I hope you like the reason why I chose this name.


Hello world!

I have always wanted to blog but it never happened. So here I am taking my first baby steps. I love all things beautiful like everyone else but every person has it’s own view on something. Well I like to share my view of the world and the things I love with you.

Let’s see where this will take me…