H&M make-up line


Hello beauty lovers did you know that a couple of months ago H&M launched a new make-up line? I started out a bit sceptic about it because of the fact that ‘make-up’ is not the first thing that pops into my head when I hear the word ‘H&M’. I rather think about clothes, shoe’s and accessories. But to be honest I’ll always find a reason to buy make-up, like oooooehh thats a nice color I don’t own a pink lipstick in that kind of tone (so I tell myself every time). You can imagine that it didn’t take a long time before I bought some H&M make-up products. I got some lip products, two eyeshadows, a bronzer and two blushes.


So let me start with the lipsticks. I bought a pinkish color named Macaron (so even my chubby side got satisfied with a name like that), a brown color in Brunette Ambition, a nude brown pinkish color in Rust Me and a purple color in Orchidding Me. Let me start with this: WOOW they feel so creamy and nice on the lips I just couldn’t believe it! The colors don’t come on matte on the lips but rather a little bit glossy and the pigmentation is amazing as well. The lipsticks were 9,99 euro each


I also got a velvet lip cream of their collection in the color Dare Me. This lip product also looks very beautiful on my lips and the pigmentation is ok. You will need at least 2 layers for a nice color coverage on the lips. The only down side of this product is that it feels a bit sticky. Just don’t use this when you’re having long hair and the weather in your country is just like in the Netherlands windy and rainy. This lip product is 7,99 euro.

A couple of months ago I started following @J_Make_Up on Instagram and her make-up looks flawless, a must follow for beauty lovers who love watching a beautiful woman with beautiful make-up skills. I noticed that she used the H&M bronzer in Deep Bronze a lot and that it looked beautiful on her. So obviously I had to buy this bronzer. The pigmentation of this bronzer is beautiful maybe a bit too dark for my skin tone but with some great blending skills it will look good on me. A down side for this color is that it has some shimmers in it. This bronzer is 7,99 euro.


What is a bronzer with no blush? Well just a bronzer, but I needed a reason to buy these blushes, so what is a bronzer with no blush? NOTHING of course!! I bought a cream blush in Dusty Rose. I Really wanted a cream blush as a base for my powder one’s. Because when I do my contour and highlight in cream first and then set it with powder later it looks so much better so I thought this would be the same with a blush. This blush does feel nice on my skin but I have the feeling that it moves all over my face when I’m wearing it. I don’t know, it seems I’m just not a big fan of cream blushes. But the color does look gorgeous and as a base for my pinkish powder blushes it’s amazing, but just on my cheeks and not on my nose (just exaggerating a little bit). I just tried it one time maybe I’ll give it another chance. Buying just one cream blush didn’t seem enough so I bought a powder blush in Sunrise Pink. Unfortunately this color doesn’t show ver well on my skin I guess the pigmentation is not that awsome but it does look good with a cream blush as a base. If only the cream blush liked my cheeks and didn’t move to other places. The blushes were both 7,99 euro.


So last but not least I got two eyeshadows (while writing a blog I’m starting to realize that I do have a problem). I got the eyeshadows in Let It Shine and Gala Gown. Let It Shine is a white eyeshadow with golden shimmers in it. The golden shimmers in this eyeshadow seem to have a green undertone, or so it seems when I’ have this color on my eyelids and I take pictures. The color Gala Gown is a champagne colored eyeshadow and it looks gorgeous. I bought these eyeshadows to use as an all over eyelid color or for my inner corners. I hoped to use them as a highlight for under my eyebrows but it looked awful. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are pretty good, but they look even better with an eyeshadow base. I use the MAC paint pot in soft ochre as an eyeshadow base.