About Me


My name is Mahsa Giw, some people may know me as Mana. Yes my name is a bit hard to pronounce for non-Iranians, thats when Mana turned up. I was born in Tehran, Iran on 11 may 1989. My family and I left Iran in 1995 and moved to the Netherlands. I have been living here ever since (it’s fun just not the weather most of the days). I live and work in and near Eindhoven and love spending my free time with family and friends (and obviously make-up but that sounds weird right?).

I’ve been fascinated by make-up ever since I was a child. I always loved playing with my mom’s make-up just as many other little girls do. As I grew older my passion and love for make-up grew with me. I always loved experimenting with make-up and learn new ways to use it.

Obviously I spend most of my money on make-up (maybe a bit too much but who cares right?). I started this blog too share my love and passion for make-up with you, but not only make-up, I also like to share all positive things in my life with you. Sharing positivity with each other and showing love for one another will make everyone’s life a bit happier right?

Let me share my stories, my passion, love and positive energy with you and see where this will take us. Hopefully we’ll enjoy this ride all together.

Lots of love, happiness and positive energy for you all.