Sephora trip



Hello Beauty lovers,

As a beauty lover living in the Netherlands and having the bad luck that there is no Sephora store in our little rainy country anymore since they closed three years ago :(. I’ve discovered that not so far away (a two hours drive) from my hometown there is a Sephora store in Lille, France (they even have two Sephora stores). You can imagine that this information made me, as a beauty lover and a make-up freak/hoarder very excited. So after finding this out it took me and my friends a while to come up with a date to drive as fast as we could to Lille, France.

2016-01-29 14.21.18

(I was so happy I blocked my best friend out of the picture haha I still love you though. Yes I’m the middle one ;))

Arriving in Lille and entering the Sephora store after three years made me feel like a little four year old girl in a candy store. I decided not to spent too much money because not so long ago had a discount and I obviously ordered way too much at that moment. I decided to get the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. Yes I know I’m late with buying this palette. I already own so many eyeshadow palette’s but seeing this Too Faced palette in real life made me get it anyway because it’s way to gorgeous not to own (so I tell myself duh). Besides this palette I also bought some lip products, two Sephora glitter liners and three Sephora sheet facemask.


This caramel toned palette with some colors that pop out and some darker sexier colors looks amazing in my stash. I can not wait to play with it. The two Too Faced Melted lipsticks I got are in the gorgeous colors Melted Nude and Melted Fig. You can never have too many nudes colors and I kinda have a secret obsession with purple lip colors at the moment so these two are very welcome in my stash too. The Semi-Sweet palette is 44 euro and the Melted lipsticks are 20 euro each.


Unfortunately they didn’t have the entire Nars collection (same with the Too faced and Marc Jacobs, this just means I need to go to Paris :P). But I did manage to get my hands on these two beauties!! These are the Nars Audacious lipstick collection in Anita (on the left) and Raquel (on the right). These were 31,50 euro each. Money well spent because they are absolutely gorgeous on the lips.


I had to own a Marc Jacobs make-up product. I started to think what to get and realised for a normal person with a starters blog I own way too much foundations and bronzers/contouring products so lets get a lipstick (because I don’t have many of those ahum) while swatching the lipsticks the Infamous one caught my eye. Yes another nude, I know I got issues. The Marc Jacobs lipstick was 29,50 euro.


While walking around in the store I spotted these Sephora two-in-one product glitters. It’s an eyeliner and mascara in one. No I will not use this as a mascara I don’t like glitter on my lashes but these are gorgeous as eyeliners and just as a pop of glitter on your eyeshadows. These were on sale and I got them for 3,89 euro each.


Last but not least I got these three sheet facemasks. I’ve been facinated by these for a long time. Specially when I heard that Kylie Jenner loves them. You can hate or love her but her skin does look amazing. The Rose one is an ultra moisturizing & brightening mask, I have very dry skin so I do need all the moisturizing I can get. The Pomegranate one is an anti-fatique & energizing mask, this is perfect for the days when I’ve been partying too much and my skin doesn’t need to look like a granny face after a party. The Lotus one is moisturizing & soothing mask, yes again moisturizing I really do need that. These were 3,95 euro each.

I’m new at this so an tips and recommendations are welcome in the comment box. Let me know if you would like swatches or reviews after I’ve used the products more.